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Physical Fitness Test Guide

The Physical Fitness element of this research is a quick and easy measure of physical fitness that will allow you (and us!) to keep track of changes in your fitness throughout Step Count Challenge.

Published: 10/02/2021

Below you will find a video explaining how to do the test, as well as a written explanation paired with some tips and photos to help assist your understanding.

The task we ask you to complete is called the Two-Minute Step Test and requires you to march on the spot for two minutes. The test is scored by the number of times your right foot completes a step, and for each step the knee should reach just below hip height, forming an approximate 60° angle at the hip (as shown in the picture).

A few helpful tips:

  • If you're concerned about losing count of your steps, have someone else count your steps for you, or film yourself completing the task so that you can count your steps from the video!
  • Set a two minute timer on a device or your watch so that you don't have to keep an eye on the clock!
  • Put a post-it note on the wall next to you, or find an object that's the correct height, to give you a visual target while you complete the task!

A Helpful Guide

To help you understand how to perform this test, here's a demonstration tutorial video from Sam:

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