The Autumn Step Count Challenge 2020 Leaderboard

5th October 2020 - 29th November 2020

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Rapid Thigh Movement 21st
Rapid Thigh MovementQuorn Foods
1,609,217 Steps
Stepping outta 2020 22nd
Stepping outta 2020Hermitage Academy
1,593,961 Steps
The young and the breathless 23rd
The young and the breathlessSgoil an Taobh Siar
1,569,591 Steps
The blistering pavement pounders 24th
The blistering pavement poundersHealthcare Improvement Scotland
1,558,043 Steps
Mind Your Step 25th
Mind Your StepPhysio Cornhill Hospital
1,547,353 Steps
Procrastawalkers 26th
ProcrastawalkersUniversity of St Andrews
1,538,279 Steps
Tumbleweed Turbos 27th
Tumbleweed TurbosSEPA Thurso
1,495,223 Steps
Scalloway Stompers (team 2) 28th
Scalloway Stompers (team 2)Scalloway Primary School
1,493,781 Steps
The Walktobers 29th
The WalktobersManor Park School
1,493,488 Steps
The Holburn Hot Steppers 30th
The Holburn Hot SteppersHolburn medical group
1,489,684 Steps
Filsket Weemin 31st
Filsket WeeminScalloway Primary School
1,478,754 Steps
The Malton Movers 32nd
The Malton MoversThe Malton Movers
1,473,675 Steps
Steppin happy 33rd
Steppin happySouth Lanarkshire Council
1,445,964 Steps
Witness the Fitness 34th
Witness the FitnessManor Park School
1,445,535 Steps
Scrambled Legs Elite (SLE) 35th
Scrambled Legs Elite (SLE)Scottish Land & Estates
1,437,432 Steps
Robin and the Rocking Ramblers (Inverclyde Bothy) 36th
Robin and the Rocking Ramblers (Inverclyde Bothy)The Inverclyde Bothy & Local Organisations
1,436,704 Steps
Between a Walk and a Hard Place 37th
Between a Walk and a Hard PlaceUniversity of St Andrews
1,430,345 Steps
The Devil wears Skechers 38th
The Devil wears SkechersGlasgow Kelvin College Fashion Dept
1,424,798 Steps
Directors Dander.... 39th
Directors Dander....The A Proctor Group Ltd
1,405,923 Steps
Pimp my stride 40th
Pimp my strideQuorn Foods
1,387,341 Steps