The Autumn Step Count Challenge 2020 Leaderboard

5th October 2020 - 29th November 2020

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Santas Socially Distanced Springfield Stompers 21st
Santas Socially Distanced Springfield StompersGreat Western Medical Practice
4,549,041 Steps
Mind Your Step 22nd
Mind Your StepPhysio Cornhill Hospital
4,534,350 Steps
Team Name* 23rd
Team Name*The night hawks
4,479,968 Steps
C-A & FIS Edinburgh Step Counters 24th
C-A & FIS Edinburgh Step CountersC-A & FIS Edinburgh Step Counters
4,459,666 Steps
Walk ‘n’ Roll Stars 25th
Walk ‘n’ Roll StarsRoyal Town Planning Institute Scotland
4,426,752 Steps
The young and the breathless 26th
The young and the breathlessSgoil an Taobh Siar
4,408,257 Steps
Robin and the Rocking Ramblers (Inverclyde Bothy) 27th
Robin and the Rocking Ramblers (Inverclyde Bothy)The Inverclyde Bothy & Local Organisations
4,396,505 Steps
Stepping down the Autumn Road 28th
Stepping down the Autumn RoadUniversity of St Andrews
4,347,529 Steps
Gill’s Gonna Buy us Booze 29th
Gill’s Gonna Buy us BoozeManor Park School
4,322,833 Steps
Lockdown Ladies 30th
Lockdown LadiesNHS Education for Scotland
4,289,575 Steps
Lockdown legs 31st
Lockdown legsAberlour Child Care Trust
4,274,033 Steps
Buns and Runs 32nd
Buns and RunsNorth Lanarkshire Council
4,257,023 Steps
Witness the Fitness 33rd
Witness the FitnessManor Park School
4,238,673 Steps
Sassy Lassies 34th
Sassy LassiesMiller Hendry
4,209,617 Steps
Free Ranged Leggs 35th
Free Ranged LeggsNorth Lanarkshire Council
4,183,076 Steps
Team 6 36th
Team 6Scalloway Primary School
4,157,905 Steps
Golspie Gallivanters 37th
Golspie GallivantersNatureScot
4,116,609 Steps
Miss-Fits 38th
Miss-FitsNorth Lanarkshire Council
4,069,154 Steps
The Malton Movers 39th
The Malton MoversThe Malton Movers
4,066,056 Steps
VIC-torious 40th
VIC-toriousNHS Education for Scotland
3,977,387 Steps