The Autumn Step Count Challenge 2020 Leaderboard

5th October 2020 - 29th November 2020

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Greenspace Invaders 1st
Greenspace InvadersNorth Lanarkshire Council
2,958,015 Steps
QUORNfused uniQUORNs 2nd
QUORNfused uniQUORNsQuorn Foods
2,641,333 Steps
Methwold Protons 3rd
Methwold ProtonsQuorn Foods
2,428,019 Steps
Cunning Bigwicks! 4th
Cunning Bigwicks!SIC Mærsk Farms
2,249,582 Steps
Picky and Mixd 5th
Picky and MixdThe Pickaquoy Centre
2,033,843 Steps
Buns and Runs 6th
Buns and RunsNorth Lanarkshire Council
2,007,964 Steps
Alba Crusaders 7th
Alba CrusadersAberlour Child Care Trust
2,004,917 Steps
Renal run(ts) 8th
Renal run(ts)NHS Grampian
1,901,231 Steps
The Need For Speed 9th
The Need For SpeedRashielee Care Home
1,898,388 Steps
Tater Trots 10th
Tater TrotsQuorn Foods
1,845,931 Steps
Never a Step too far 11th
Never a Step too farNHS FORTH VALLEY ( BPT- Adult Psychological Therapies)
1,790,047 Steps
SAPG Striders* 12th
SAPG Striders*Healthcare Improvement Scotland
1,775,949 Steps
Inver striders 13th
Inver stridersThe Inverclyde Bothy & Local Organisations
1,760,702 Steps
Twisted Blisters 14th
Twisted BlistersShetland Islands Council
1,756,266 Steps
Pimp My Stride 15th
1,751,902 Steps
Happy Feet 16th
Happy FeetABR
1,725,486 Steps
Between a Walk and a Hard Pace 17th
Between a Walk and a Hard PaceBlackwood Homes and Care
1,699,122 Steps
Santas Socially Distanced Springfield Stompers 18th
Santas Socially Distanced Springfield StompersGreat Western Medical Practice
1,663,048 Steps
Team Name* 19th
Team Name*The night hawks
1,651,659 Steps
Shin-Etsu Dayshift Dawdlers 20th
Shin-Etsu Dayshift DawdlersShin Etsu Handotai Europe Ltd
1,637,873 Steps