The Autumn Step Count Challenge 2021 Leaderboard

25th October 2021 - 21st November 2021

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MURDER ON ZIDANE’s FLOORScottish Enterprise
2,342,597 Steps
Longer Legged Longstone North 22nd
Longer Legged Longstone NorthCity of Edinburgh Council
2,328,333 Steps
NL-CLD-DofE 23rd
NL-CLD-DofENorth Lanarkshire Council
2,284,768 Steps
Not Fast, Just Furious! 24th
Not Fast, Just Furious!Harmeny Education Trust
2,275,521 Steps
Best Foot Forward 25th
Best Foot ForwardNew Stevenston Primary
2,225,171 Steps
Fast laners 26th
Fast lanersTransport Scotland
2,192,001 Steps
Balgreen Galavanters 27th
Balgreen GalavantersBalgreen Primary School
2,186,085 Steps
The Flying Tortious 28th
The Flying TortiousNatureScot
2,185,065 Steps
All About The Steps 29th
All About The StepsHarmeny Education Trust
2,176,030 Steps
Between a Walk and a Hard Place 30th
Between a Walk and a Hard PlaceUniversity of St Andrews
2,174,438 Steps
Muppets on the Run 31st
Muppets on the RunSouth Lanarkshire Council
2,172,432 Steps
Never a Step too Far 32nd
Never a Step too FarNHS FORTH VALLEY - Never a step too far
2,160,412 Steps
Going Going Scone 33rd
Going Going SconeNHS Education for Scotland
2,153,461 Steps
No Direction 34th
No DirectionNatureScot
2,139,901 Steps
The Tech Strollers 35th
The Tech StrollersMotherwell Concert Hall
2,129,530 Steps
Step change 36th
Step changeUniversity of St Andrews
2,096,114 Steps
Legs Miserables 37th
Legs MiserablesNHS Education for Scotland
2,094,971 Steps
That’s the way I lycra it 38th
That’s the way I lycra itUniversity of Strathclyde
2,092,367 Steps
West of Scotland Wildcats 39th
West of Scotland WildcatsBeat the Street
2,087,283 Steps
Blisters 40th
BlistersScottish Enterprise
2,080,128 Steps