How The Challenge Works

Five steps to get your workplace walking

A man and two women walking on a path underneath a stone bridge

We run two challenges a year; in the spring and the autumn. Our 2022 challenges will take place as follows: 

Spring Step Count Challenge 2022: 2nd May - 26th June

Autumn Step Count Challenge 2022: 31st October -  27th November 

You can also run a bespoke Step Count Challenge just for your workplace at a time that suits you. Here's how the challenge works.

Step 1: Assemble your team

Gather up five colleagues. If there’s more than 5 of you who want to take part, why not set up more teams to create some friendly workplace competition? If there’s less than five people in your team, invite friends and family to get involved too. 

Step 2: Register your team

Once you know who’s in, it’s time to register for the next Step Count Challenge. You’ll also need to select your most charismatic, motivational  team mate to be Team Captain (or draw straws), and now is also the time to choose your epic team name. The challenge costs £30 per team. 

Step 3: Count those steps

From smartphones to wristbands, there’s lots of different tools available for counting steps. You can manually add steps if you are using a pedometer, or sync your Fitbit, Garmin, Strava or Google Fit account.

Step 4: Get active

Our focus is on motivating you and your team to keep active, stay connected and have some fun along the way. Whether you are a key worker, working from home, or on your daily spell of walking outdoors, every movement counts.

Step 5: Stay on track

Make sure you record your activity through your Step Count Challenge profile where you can track your progress, check out the leader boards and chat to your team. We’ll set goals and provide regular updates and motivation to keep you and your team walking .You get a user account where you can record your steps, message your team and track progress on our leaderboards.

Use our Step Count Challenge Promotion Pack to encourage colleagues to take part, share positive messages about the benefits of being active at work and promote good news stories about your organisation externally. 

Need more information? Have a look at our FAQs or contact us.