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Your walking and wheeling memories

Last week, we invited you to share your favourite walking and wheeling memories. From walks with dogs, family and friends, to taking time to appreciate nature, read on to discover a few of our favourite competition entries.

Published: 21/05/2024

Kayleigh, from team Cirque Du sore Legs, shared a memory of a recent holiday in the Hebrides.

My holiday last week in the Hebrides allowed me to explore a lot of the trails away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There is no phone signal, so no distractions with social media. No music. Just embracing the senses, the sights and smells of the islands. Most memorable of all walks was a walk around some coastal villages were I met some friendly Kune Kune pigs, a highland cow, a herd of cows crossing the road and lots of lambs butting heads. My walk finished at the beautiful white sandy beach and the air felt so fresh and I have never felt more relaxed and happy in the present.

Raina, from team Grampian Odyssey, shared a memory of taking in the sights and sounds of the natural world with her son.

My favourite walking memory was hiking Bennachie with my son—a range of hills in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The weather was crisp and clear, with a gentle breeze rustling the leaves of the vibrant trees. The path led us past small waterfalls, sparkling in the sunlight, and through ancient forests where the air was heavy with the scent of damp earth and wildflowers. As we reached higher elevations, the views became increasingly breathtaking—rolling hills and mountains as far as the eye could see. As we walked, I felt a profound sense of peace and connection with nature. The rhythmic sound of our footsteps, the distant calls of birds, and the tranquility of the landscape created an almost meditative state. I remember feeling immense gratitude for the opportunity to witness such beauty and to experience the healing power of nature alongside my son. That day remains my favourite walking memory—a perfect blend of natural wonder, physical challenge, and spiritual renewal, all shared with my son.

Leona, from team Walkie Talkies, shared a memory of the first time she explored her local area.

Since I can remember I had a phobia of Dogs. It would prevent me walking in certain areas due to dogs being off leads. Over the years I have overcome this fear and now have our own dog. I loved the freedom of the first time walking with her in the fields at the back of our house and seeing areas of landscape I'd been avoiding for years. It has now become a regular walk as the scenery is outstanding with the Ochil hills as a backdrop.

Catriona, from team Flaming Tomcats Half Heartedly Walking, also shared a favourite memory of a walk with her children.

My favourite walk of this challenge so far was a total surprise which made it more special. I was in Elie in the East Neuk of Fife with my children and as it was foggy we decided to skip the beach and walk the coastal path. This narrow path along the shoreline wound its way between lush green fields and lapping waves as high tide approached. We enjoyed watching gannets diving and appreciated the increasing sunshine eventually arriving, 5 miles later, in Pittenweem for a play in the park after an ice cream in St Monans. The perfect spring stroll.

Adrian, from Neighbourhood Networks, shared his memory of a recent walk with his rescue dog, Nova.

I have had lots of lovely walks since starting this challenge. The best walk, to date, was a walk along the Clyde Walkway from Cardies Bridge to Lanark and back. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning when I set off with my recently acquired rescue dog Nova. The path follows the course of the river passing through a beautiful array of landscape including plantations, natural woodlands and open countryside, the wildlife was very active, we spotted a huge variety of birds busily gathering nesting materials and feeding including several herons standing poised in the river. We met a handful of people along the route all of whom stopped for a chat and to make a fuss of wee Nova. The fields were full of newly born lambs and calves, most of them were resting in the shade on our way out but upon our return they were gambolling around jumping over and around their parents! The river was beautiful in the bright sunshine, and on the way back I took the opportunity to cool my feet in the water. It was a perfect day spent in the countryside that is pretty much on my doorstep but feels like it is a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I look forward to many more walks over the remainder of the challenge and beyond.

Jane, from team MGS Steps, shared a memory of exploring outdoors and feeling refreshed.

A total refresh from me as a mum, as a partner, as an employee, as a manager to me. Just me on the hills of the Lakes and a cobalt blue tarn at the top.

The winning entry was submitted by Louise, from team All Walk and No Play, who shared a touching memory of enjoying the outdoors during a challenging time.

I had been recently discharged from hospital after 3 major surgeries that had resulted in me suffering from chronic pain and exhaustion. I was slowly trying to build up my strength to go back outside for walks. Fortunately, we lived near a park, and I can remember the first time my partner and I went out for my first walk outside in what had been months. It was chilly, but I was glad of the fresh air after being stuck inside. The trees were starting to grow their leaves back and the bird were lively with their song. I was slow and had to take frequent breaks on the benches, but I was so happy to be out walking with the person I loved more than anything in the world. It was only a short walk, but I saw it as the real beginning of my recovery.

Thank you to everyone who chose to share their memories with us. Keep an eye out for next Monday's email update for details of next week's mini challenge.