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Your top tips for staying active whilst staying at home

Last week we asked you to share your top tips for staying active whilst staying at home. Here’s a few of the best tips we received.

Published: 14/05/2020

Some of you really value leaving the house once a day for exercise, and making the most of your time outdoors.

“Make sure to go for a walk, cycle or jog for fresh air or follow online workouts, it will make you feel better.”

“Get out and enjoy the wonderful scenery our country has – listen to the birds and enjoy the tranquility”

“Getting out for a walk and fresh air – being active and getting away from the work computer is very important.”

“If you can, step over the threshold and get outdoors. That one step is the hardest, all the others are a breeze and you'll wonder why you didn't get out earlier.”

It seems others have spent a lot of time out in the garden, which is a great way of enjoying nature whilst staying active at home:

“For me, my garden has a godsend.  I have worked in the garden for a few hours every day.”

“Try activities you can do in the garden. I have bought a frisbee and skipping rope to be able to get active safely at home.”

“Gardening. Planted veg at the start of this and so feeding, weeding and repotting involves bending and lifting and moving around regularly, plus it’s something positive daily.”

“Cutting the grass involves many more steps that you might think!”

Others shared how they’re building small amounts of activity into their daily routine:

“Put the radio on and have a dance in the kitchen!”

“Maximise your steps by doing things the long way. Go up and down the stairs multiple times, do some extra hoovering, come inside each time you take something in from the washing line.”

“Walking around the house whilst on the phone, rather than sitting on the couch.”

“Using a small glass instead of my water bottle means I am getting up to fill it up and gets me a break from the computer and a wee walk to the tap!”

“If you are working from home don't let work merge into free time (and therefore active time). Set specific times up with alarms to notify you when to do planned exercise.”

“Find fun and interesting ways to take short breaks from your desk during the working day - even a few star jumps can get the blood pumping.”

How are you staying active whilst staying at home? If you’ve got any more top tips, we’d love to hear them – send your photos, videos and suggestions to