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Your top tips for moving more

During week one of this year's autumn Step Count Challenge, we asked you to send us your top tips for moving more during the working day. Read some of our favourite entries and get inspired.

Published: 13/11/2023

The winning entry was submitted by Marion, from team Who Let the Stag Out.

I am doing my 121s with my team by phone and we walk and talk rather the zoom.  We are trying to do more like this as both feel the benefit and gets us away from our desks for an hour.

Other top tips recommended a lunchtime walk, or including a walking commute as part of the working day.

If you're working from home, create a 'commute' in the morning and the eve. If you're in the office, try set up walking meetings or as part of your lunch break, factor in a 10 min walk outside.

Lucinda, team Walkie Talkies.

Go the long way round the building if you are going for a coffee or loo break. Park your car as far away from the building as possible if you need to take the car. Try and walk around as much as possible and buddy up with someone to go a walk at lunch time. If you are working from home then go a walk before you start and use that as your travel time if you were taking the car.

Melody, team Forth Valley College

Other top tips mentioned the importance of taking regular short activity breaks from the computer screen throughout the day.

I try to take little breaks where I have to get up from my desk, so whether that is a short walk to the kitchen to get another coffee or 5 minutes to step outside for some fresh air, I always try to make sure they involve some kind of movement.

Jennifer, team Sole Sisters

I try to move each hour, even if this is just to get a drink or take a quick break in-between meetings. I also always try to get outside on my lunch break (weather provided) for a walk. I find this clears my head and makes me feel more refreshed for the afternoons work.

Jenny, team Strathy Stragglers

When going for a refreshment or toilet break, take the long way or consider a couple of loops. Screen breaks are important and can be tied in with moving, even walking on the spot for 5 mins. Swapping the car for the train and walk. Walking meeting where possible and going out for lunch.

Beth, team Underdogs Go Walkies

Other top tips recommended keeping connected with your team, and not letting bad weather put you off:

WhatsApp group chats to keep the team motivated throughout the day!

Anita, team Lochomotion

Only partially listen to the weather.  Dress approriately, but the wind and rain is never as bad as it sounds.  Just take that first step out the door; it is the hardest, but also over in an instant.

Peter, team Livin' on a Hare

Walking whilst on call. Visiting patients by walking there and not using car.

Joanne, team Lochomotion

And finally, don't forget that even small changes can add up to make a big difference.

I have made the following changes:
- Always take the stairs
- Take an hourly break from my desk and walk around my building for 5 minutes (also good for concentration)
- Meet in person for meetings (ideally in other buildings across the campus)
- Block out 30 minutes of lunch in my work diary for a lunchtime walk
- Get off the train a stop early on the way to and from work

Working as a team motivates me to stick to the changes so that I don't let my teammates down!

Louise, team The Walking Dread.