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Your pledges to stay active beyond the challenge

The finish line is drawing near, and last week we asked you to share how you’ll keep active beyond the challenge. From pledging to take the stairs instead of the lift, to keeping up the habit of a lunchtime walk, you shared how you’ll keep moving more after the Step Count Challenge ends.

Published: 22/06/2023

Our winning entry came from Katy, from team Ruth and the ruthless runaways.

“I will remember what I've discovered over the challenge: I always feel better after moving my body and being outside, even when I don't want to. If I'm in a situation where I'm feeling stuck, frustrated, or completely lacking in motivation, having this experience to draw on means I can say "OK, even though I don't feel like it, I'll just go round the block to start with" and then once I'm out there, I usually want to keep going!”

Lara, from team Amazing Misfits, shared how she has spent time outdoors with her daughter during the challenge.

“Every night after dinner, my daughter and I take a leisurely stroll. Well, I walk and listen to my audio books and she rides her scooter merrily. We end up both being happy.”

Amanda, from team The Foxy Ladies, is going to stick to taking the stairs at work.

“I have 3 rescue dogs which I will continue to walk every morning before my shift. During work I will continue to take the stairs instead of the lifts where possible. And every evening I will continue to walk over to the golf course near my home to feed my large group of 3 fox families and about 4 hedgehogs.”

Mhari, from team The Fit Bitz, plans on getting her friends involved.

Instead of meeting friends at pubs and their homes, I'm going to organize meeting in open spaces more to encourage us to be on the move and see more of our beautiful country at the same time. It's always easier getting the steps in while you're having a good old gab with pals.

Laura shared a pledge that her whole team had commmitted to.

“The Fly Steppers are going to continue with lunchtime walks, and throughout the challenge we have had other colleagues join us, who are keen to continue too.”

Julie, from team There’s Trouble Afoot, shared how taking time away from her desk for a walk helps her to refresh and re-focus.

“I will continue with morning and lunch time walks, along with taking my 1 year old Grandson out in his pushchair! I now prefer meeting friends for walks instead of just meeting for dinner. I feel so much better taking time away from my home working desk. I feel more refreshed and ready to deal with any new challenges that come my way for my work!”

Becky, from team The Guvnors, shared how she'll stay active during the working day.

“By continuing to make a conscious effort to move during the work day, even if it's just a few minutes after an hour long meeting.”

Sean, from team Jabbers, has been enjoying spending extra time outdoors with his step son.

“Through this Step Count Challenge I have spent more time outdoors with my step son, going to our local parks, and walking up the rivers and streams of Ayrshire. This has helped us grow a stronger bond and it would be brilliant to continue doing so. Scooters and bikes too of course!”

Jordan, from team Walkie Talkies, has simply been enjoying moving more, and intends to keep up the habit.

“I'm going to keep walking more, and further. I've really enjoyed being more active during the Step Count Challenge, and I want to keep going!”