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Your favourite walking and wheeling memories

Last week, we asked you to send in your favourite walking and wheeling memories. From walks with family members, friends, and even dogs, here's a few of our favourite entries that you shared with us.

Published: 07/06/2023

The winning entry was submitted by Carrie, from team Carrie on Walking, who shared a story from a recent walk with her cheeky dog Jackson.

I walk a lot with my dogs, but one of my favourite memories is up at Threipmuir Reservoir.  It was a really sunny evening and we spotted a group of wild swimmers in the middle of the reservoir. Jackson, my staffie cross labrador, has a thing about shoes. When I say a 'thing' - he steals them and hides them! He spotted all the flipflops sitting at the water's edge and made a bee line straight towards them (so much for my diversionary tactics of throwing a ball!) In one dive he had three flip flops in his mouth, he turns around to look at me with a 'catch me' face.  Human versus dog?  I haven't got a hope! The next twenty minutes sees me chasing the impossible dog with his stash of flip flops.  Of course, the swimmers have been watch the comedy unfold and as they start to come out of the water, I have visions of me having to run to the shops for new flips flops.  However, himself decides that this is the right time to drop them next to the others and chase the ball.  Luckily the swimmers had a great sense of humour and were laughing as they got out of the water.  I am sure this was more down to my red face and breathlessness than the tiny comedian!

Lynne, from team Cover Rovers, shared an inspiring story of her walk of a lifetime, trekking through Nepal to raise money for Maggie's.

I have just completed a walk in Nepal ,getting to a height of 4500m , with a fantastic group of ladies raising money for Maggie’s. It was so special as no one in the group knew everyone, but by the end of the trek we had made wonderful memories and fabulous friendships. We also raised over £27,000 for Maggie’s which fills us all with such joy!

Shannon, from team We Mean Business, has been making memories on evening walks, enjoying sharing the outdoors with her son.

I have been taking my son walking with me in the evening, after dinner. We walk to the park and along the canal, taking in all the birds, ducks and beautiful nature along the way. My son is 11 and he's recently discovered my SLR digital camera. He takes pictures of the flowers and birds while we walk. Its a really lovely way to spend time with my son, get my steps in and enjoy the amazing Scottish weather that we've been having.

Laura, from team The Feets from the East, shared a recent Step Count Challenge memory with us.

The Feets From The East team met up for a pretty riverside walk together through Haddington in East Lothian. The fact that we normally work remotely from different locations, so don't often get together as a group made it special.

Amy, from team ActivePlay, Engagement and Evaluation shared a special memory from her childhood with us.

As a child my brother and I were spending the weekend with our grandparents who were members of the local Ramblers group. We were initially reluctant to join in their walk as we wanted to play with our friends.
Fast forward to going on the walk and it's one of my most magical memories as a child. I couldn't tell you where is was but we ended the walk at a waterfall and I remember jumping across stones. From really not wanting to go I think my brother and I both agree it was one of our favourite walks and memories as children.