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Your best team names from the 2020 spring Step Count Challenge

Quarantine Quines, Lockdown Loafers and Keeping Up with Colonel Moore - the best team names from this year's special edition of the Step Count Challenge

Published: 28/05/2020

One of the best parts of taking part in a Step Count Challenge is thinking up a hilariously imaginative team name, and this year, teams taking part in the Step Count Challenge have gone all out to have a bit of fun with our unusual situation.

Social distancing was one theme which featured heavily in a few team names:

Five go social distancing

Social Distance Dynamos

Overachieving Social Distancing Stars

Going the (Social) Distance

Don’t Step Too Close to Me

Quarantine was clearly at the front of some participant’s minds when dreaming up a team name:

Isolation to Motivation

Quarantine Runner Bean

The Quarantined Quintet

Quarantine Quines

Itzy bitzy teeny weeny let me out of quarantine-ee

Lockdown in general was also a distinctive theme which featured in a few team names:

Lockdown Louboutins

Legging it through lockdown

Pimp My Lockdown

Lockdown Loafers

Scrambled Lockdown Leggs

It’s been a strange and challenging few months, but it’s good to see that some of our regular Step Count Challenge teams haven’t lost their sense of humour when faced with unusual circumstances. Here’s a final few of our favourites from this year’s challenge.  

Panic at the Tesco

Keeping up with Colonel Moore

Pandemic Perambulators

Walking on sunshine and sanitizer

Jimmy Choos and the PPE overshoes