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Who is your Step Count Challenge character?

It’s the final week of the autumn Step Count Challenge. You may be thinking about your next challenge, or looking for some advice on where to go from here. So, here are some suggestions tailored to a few different Step Count Challenge characters, identified by Step Count Challenge researcher Mary Allison.

Published: 16/11/2021

Photo of two sets of legs walking along a pavement

The Teamies

For the teamies, the Step Count Challenge is all about having a laugh, whilst getting more active. From choosing a team name to posting pictures of family walks, teamies just want to share and celebrate doing something positive. It really is about taking part and enjoying the company. 

Next steps: Share your love of walking with the rest of your workplace and sign up for the Walk at Work Award. This accreditation has been developed to recognise and celebrate workplaces that support and encourage staff to walk more.  Or, if you are looking for funding, training, resources or information on promoting active travel in your workplace, check out the Way to Work website.

The Competitors

For the competitiors, the Step Count Challenge is a serious endeavour and the chance to gain a specific place on the leader-board is what drives some people back year after year. Expect competitors to keep a close eye on everyone’s steps. It’s all about achieving the personal and team bests.

Next steps: If the Step Count Challenge leaderboard and in-house competition has kept you motivated over the past couple of weeks, we can help you run a bespoke challenge for you and your colleagues at a time that works for you. Keep the challenge going! 

The Challengers

For some people with their own clear goal, the Step Count Challenge is just what it says it is – a challenge. It’s nice for challengers to have team-mates, but to be honest, it’s their own goal that keeps them going.

Next steps: If you are looking for personal challenges and information to keep you motivated, check out the Walk Once a Day info hub for lots of ideas and inspiration. 

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