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Top tips for being an awesome team captain

Help your team walk the walk during the Step Count Challenge.

Published: 07/04/2020

A team captain’s role is more than just getting everyone signed up to the Step Count Challenge. A team captain provides motivation and encouragement to their team. 

Here are our top tips on being an awsome team captain. 

Make a statement with your team name and profile picture 

Get off on the right foot with a great team name and profile picture. This will appear in the leaderboard and will make a statement about what you and you team stand for. You might be out to achieve a certain goal, or just be in for some fun and team bonding. Check out our blog post on team names if you need some inspiration. 

Embrace technology 

There are lots of ways you and your team can record walking activity. In the run up to a challenge, try out different apps on your smartphone and make recommendations to your team. Most phones will come with a step counting app like Google Fit, Samsung Health or Apple Health. You can sync step data from Google Fit, Fitbit and Strava with your Step Count Challenge account.  

Keep in touch 

This is one of the most important things you can do for your team. Find ways to share positive stories, photos from walks and personal achievements amongst the team. You could create a What’s App group or use a messaging platform like Slack or Teams to keep in touch with another, set team goals and reminders. Remember to make use of the team chat on your Step Count Challenge team page. 

Have fun 

There are lots of ways to have fun whilst taking part in the Step Count Challenge. Take part in our regular challenges and competitions during the Step Count Challenge and win prizes for you and your team. Use messaging apps to share small talk, memes illustrating how you are feeling and fun tips on how to get a few more steps into your daily routine. 

Be supportive 

Your team will have good weeks and some not so good weeks and just a little bit of support from their captain can make all the difference. Find ways to support your team; organise a team walk or review the goals you set yourselves when you started out and adjust them if needed and get back on track. If things are getting a little competitive, focus things on personal achievements and goals and less on the leaderboard. 

Celebrate success 

If your team reaches a personal or collective goal celebrate it. Even something as simple as a message on What’s App acknowledging the achievement can spur your team on. You could mark the end of a challenge with a special lunch or write up your experiences for your staff newsletter.