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Top Tips for active travel

Fitting some walking and wheeling into our everyday journeys is a great way to not only add a few extra steps, but also to reduce our carbon emissions, boost our mood and make time to catch up with friends or colleagues. In this blog post, Step Count Challenge participants gave us their top tips for making everyday journeys more active.

Published: 06/06/2024

A woman wearing a grey jacket, yellow scarf and brown trousers is walking over a bridge

Roseanna from team Wally Walkers suggested building walking into your routine and getting others involved. 

Try walking to work one day a week, take a friend to hold you accountable and make it more fun.

Bruce from team Shake, Rattle and Stroll gets his steps in on the commute, freeing up time for other activities and tasks at home. 

Trying to fit longer walks in during a busy day is always difficult, I have found walking to work and back (circa 6 miles each way) means I have more time for the usual household / family activities as its concentrated around time already spent out the house.

Rona from team CPS Walkie Talkies and Nicky from the Super Troopers both leave the car a bit further away. 

When my kids to clubs, we leave early and I park at the nearest supermarket or park and walk the last bit of the way together.

Walk/bike short distances instead of drive. Park further away and walk the rest

Lindsay from team HWB Young Team underlined the importance of being prepared with the right clothing for the weather. 

I live in a remote village, public transport isn't easily accessed. I opt to do as many walking meetings as possible and always do the school drop off and pick off by foot. Where possible I will opt to park further away to walk more. The biggest tip I have is the right clothing, layers, light waterproof, good shoes and have all stored in an easy to carry bag.

Koko from Swaggering Swans had some great advice around keeping motivated by finding new routes. 

I don't have a car so I often walk. I try my best to walk the shorter distances and then rely on the bus if it's too far. I try and take new walking routes when I get bored from having to walk to the same places. I also try and focus of new things in the environment (i.e. new flowers, changes in decor) to help keep myself engaged when walking to a familiar destination.

And, our winner was Marco team Parks Pacers who made this brilliant suggestion about making the most of those rainy days.

I find that good weather is the best motivator for me to go out for a walk, ride my bike, and spend time outdoors. However, I sometimes struggle to stay motivated to make my journeys active when it rains. What helps me to get outside on rainy days is the enhancement of my senses: the different smells and aromas, and observing how everything slows down. This unique experience helps me to appreciate and enjoy every little moment during my journey.