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Team mates you can count on

Our communications manager Deborah Fox reflects on why friendly and motivational chat between Step Count Challenge team mates is so important.

Published: 03/05/2022

A group of three women and two men are walking towards across a blue pedestrian bridge and are talking and smiling with each other

What does the word connection mean to you?

Your bonds with your family, your Wi-Fi, your broadband speed?

Easy, isn’t it, to forget about human connection with others in our life, whether that be friends we don’t see so often or the people we work with.

Casual connections and conversations we have with pals, neighbours and workmates are quite special.

They’re not too heavy, they’re not too serious, but they are important enough to keep you making an effort and they’re fun enough to make you smile when you’re not feeling so awesome.

This is exactly why the Step Count Challenge team-of-five-workmates dynamic works so well. During the challenge, having someone who you are answerable to, even just in a really fun way, keeps you going, literally, and if you have four people you’re answerable too, so much the better.

I have a brilliant job working in communications for Paths for All and the Step Count Challenge.

One of my favourite tasks is routing through feedback from many hundreds of Step Count Challengers each year. It’s heartening when people tell you, in their own words, what taking part in the challenge has meant to them, for their health and for their happiness.

One word comes up a lot is “banter”. 

“The banter really made a difference”, “We had some priceless banter in our team”, “I’ll miss the banter when it’s all over”.

It’s light, it’s easy but it’s also capable of making a positive difference to your day.
Reasons why people sign up for the challenge vary, but “the chat”, “the banter”, “team WhatsApp” or “Step Count Zoom Time”, whatever you want to call it, makes a positive difference to your day.

Connection in all forms is great, and with the Step Count Challenge, you don’t have to look very far to find it.