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Step Count Challenge 2020 week one update

It’s been a great start to the Step Count Challenge 2020 with over 130 million steps recorded.

Published: 08/05/2020

With 923 teams taking part and well over 4,000 people there has been lots of activity recorded in our first five days. Collectively we have taken over 130 million steps, the equivalent distance of walking twice around the circumference of the Earth. All whilst adhering to social distancing guidance

As always there are some wonderfully creative team names, more than a few nodding to new ways of homeworking and our appreciation of keyworkers, sometimes all at once - looking at you team Zoom and the RainbowsHere are a few of our favourite team names so far: 

Overachieving Social Distancing Stars


Keeping up with Colonel Moore

Lockdown is not going to keep us down

Chasing Rainbows

You'll Never Walk Alone (though you should-social distancing)

Does Zoom Have A Walk Function?

At the start of the week we launched the 28 Day Health and Wellbeing Challenge and asked you and your team to complete a daily task to keep you active and connected.

Our teams here at Paths for All got pretty competitive with our team selfies on Wednesday, here are a few of our efforts: 

It's been busy over on twitter and we've enjoyed seeing your photos and updates on how you are getting family and pets involved too! Here are a few highlights: 

Lastly, we’ll announce the winners of this week’s prize draw in our Monday update email and there is still time to complete our participant survey with the chance to win a Fitbit Inspire HR. 

Have an active and safe weekend. See you in week two!