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So, you've completed the Step Count Challenge...what next?

If you’ve enjoyed taking part in this year’s Step Count Challenge, you might be interested to know there’s plenty of other tools and resources available to help you to keep active and feel connected to your colleagues.

Published: 08/06/2020

Paths for All's Walk at Work Award

Paths for All’s Walk at Work Award is a workplace accreditation that recognises and celebrates employers who encourage staff to be more active in and around the working day. Organisations carry out a series of actions over the course of six months, such as appointing a walking champion, sharing information about the benefits of being active, and allocating time for walking breaks during the working week. We’re making some key changes to the award in response to Covid-19 and the current trend for home working, so if you think your employer might be interested in taking part, get in touch with us at, or visit our website for further information.

Bespoke Step Count Challenges

If step counting is your thing, we also offer bespoke Step Count Challenges to workplaces who want to run their own challenge. A bespoke Step Count Challenge works in much the same way as the spring and autumn Step Count Challenges, with teams of 5 from your workplace signing up online to track and record their steps over a number of weeks. Bespoke challenges can be run at any time, for any length of time, and can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation. We’ll also be on hand to offer promotional material, resources, information and support throughout. If you’re interested in a bespoke Step Count Challenge, get in touch with us by emailing

Advice, articles, podcasts and more

At Paths for All we’ve been working hard to adapt our advice and resources to the current circumstances around Covid-19 and lockdown. Recently, we shared advice and tips for homeworkers and guidance on keeping active at home. We’ve also released our response to Covid-19, with advice for the public on walking and active travel during the current pandemic, which is regularly updated as government guidance changes. Our Mind to Walk podcast features a walking meditation narrated by Radio1 DJ Edith Bowman. Using expertly written mindfulness techniques, our 25 minute podcast is designed to relax your mind as you move your feet, and is the perfect tool for switching off a busy mind during a lunchtime walk. You can listen to Mind to Walk on our website. If you’d like to be kept up to date with all the goings-on at Paths for All, you can also sign up to our monthly newsletter.

Work it out with Sustrans Scotland

Our partner organisations have also been busy keeping up with the times. Sustrans Scotland have created a series of online webinars designed to equip participants with the skills needed to adapt to modern life, increase levels of physical activity and make positive changes during lockdown and beyond. The next “Working it out” webinar takes place on 10th June at 12.30pm, and features Alex McMaster discussing his experience of traversing the African continent on foot and bike, overcoming challenges, and applying the lessons of his journey to the current crisis. You can register for free on Eventbrite.

Get active with Actify

We’ve all been staying at home for a long time now, so it’s no wonder that you might have run out of jobs to do in the garden, or that you’re getting a bit bored of your regular online yoga workout. Actify is an online platform that features a range of videos and other digital content designed to keep you active. You can find ideas and inspiration for keeping active whilst staying at home through their featured #exerciseathome videos. And if you’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed recently, check out the Scottish Government’s Clear Your Head website to access support, information and tips on looking after your mental health.

Find more resources on the Way to Work website

If you're looking for information on funding, training, or travel planning, or if you'd just like to see what other support is available, check out the Way to Work website. A one-stop-shop for active and sustainable travel information, the Way to Work website is a collaboration between ten active and sustainble travel organisations, funded by Transport Scotland.

And remember, we’re always happy to help – just drop us a line at if you’re looking for any information, support or resources around walking and work.