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Sensing Nature Arts Competition

Take part in Paths for All's kids nature art competition for a chance to win a voucher for your classroom!

Published: 13/11/2023

Do you want a fun activity that you can do with the children in your life this autumn? Get outside, connect with nature, get creative with the kids, and take part in our Sensing Nature art competition for the chance to win some great prizes for young people! We want you to get out in nature and, using your senses, create something that captures what nature and connecting to nature means to you. Connecting with nature is incredibly important for both adults and children, and combined with being active outdoors can offer many physical, mental, and cognitive health benefits.

Nature is all around us. You don’t need to go far to find nature, you just need to slow down and notice. We believe in the importance of encouraging young people to connect to nature and be active outdoors to help enhance their understanding of the world they live in, build their confidence, and process and reflect on emotions and experiences. It can also offer a place of quiet reflection or a place to spark curiosity and creativity! Connecting with nature is important for us and young people to appreciate and look after the nature that is around us.

For the competition you can create any type of art: painting, drawing, poem, haiku, photography, videography, music, sculpture, nature collage, dance. See some wonderful examples of submissions we have received so far in the photo collage above.

Look out for activity ideas and inspirations on our social media channels over the next few weeks. The competition will run until the end of November, and you can find out more and enter here.