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Meet the winning team: There’s Trouble Afoot

The winning team in this year’s spring Step Count Challenge was team There’s Trouble Afoot, from TechnipFMC, with an amazing 8,335,002 steps – which is the equivalent of 3,729 miles! The team shared a few words with us about what taking part in the Step Count Challenge meant to them.

Published: 17/08/2023

It gives us the motivation to get up and walk, to get up early in the morning and see some beautiful sunrise.

It provides a chance to clear your head (a few of us work full time so getting out at lunchtime is a reset for the rest of the day).

It’s good for the environment – you can leave the car behind and walk, which also saves money on fuel.

The Step Count Challenge creates healthy competition amongst us to do better in our team but then once we got to the top of the leader board it spurred us on to give more to stay there.  Three of us bettered our scores from the previous year challenges!

It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

One of our team members joined the rock choir this year, so being out walking gave her the time needed to learn her words.

Everybody can take part no matter what your age is!