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Meet the walkers: Wendy

Meet Wendy, from team Twisted Blisters. Based in Shetland, the team have topped the Step Count leaderboard many times over the years. Wendy shares how gaining a new family member has led her to focus on enjoying the moment and being more mindful when she's out and about.

Published: 15/12/2023

As a team, Twisted Blisters have taken part in many challenges and have been quite successful in that we are able to focus really well and put in a lot of effort for the short length of each one. We can't keep up like that all year round, but it does give us a wonderful kickstart in autumn and spring. We live in Shetland, and although all Scotland enjoys a lot of "weather" I think our long hours of darkness is a big challenge for motivation and feeling safe outdoors.

There have been some personal changes since the last challenge so I was hoping to be more competitive within my team (spoiler - I wasn't!) and maybe not come in the bottom two. I retired in the summer, I was given a super-duper headtorch, and we have a puppy. So loads more time, no excuses about the dark and a pup which needs her walks.

However I did not realise that puppies spend so much time sniffing, sitting and going any way but forward at a nice brisk pace. Our puppy teacher explains the sniffing is vital for their development, so I shouldn't be dragging her along. And that sniffing is the same as us catching up on local news or our social media, so many interesting new things .....

Our puppy Betsy is teaching me about mindful walking, enjoying the moment and that quality exercise is better than quantity.