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Meet the Walkers: Jennifer

We ask walkers taking part in the Step Count Challenge why they decided to take part and what walking means to them.

Published: 27/05/2021

In this Meet the Walkers blog post, Jennifer tells us about her Step Count Challenge and how it has motivated her team and helped keep them connected. 

The Step Count Challenge has motivated me to increase the amount of walking I do. All of my Step Count team are desk-based and we’ve spurred each other on to do more each week. The Step Count Challenge has been useful for keeping in touch as we’re not based in one place. We’re all trying to increase our steps and get as high up the chart as we can.

The challenge has given me an incentive to walk more during the day and step away from my desk more often. Having a dog is already an incentive to walk and I was surprised that my step count wasn’t higher to start with. I try and fit in a lunchtime walk, sometimes walking can help to reflect on a problem and come back refreshed.

I feel fortunate to be able to live and work on the west coast; it’s bursting with wildlife and I’m surrounded by lochs, hills and woodland walks. During the Step Count Challenge I’ve noticed the spring changes: the first swallows appeared (in hot pursuit of midges), cuckoos calling, oyster catchers paddling on the shoreline and the occasional seal checking what’s happening. 

It’s good to get out and get more active and taking part in the Step Count Challenge has helped me to do that.