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Meet the walkers: Fiona

From Maxwell Park to Machu Picchu

Published: 04/06/2020

Our Meet the Walkers blog series is back! We asked walkers who have taken part in the Step Count Challenge why they decided to take part and what walking means to them. Fiona from team Step Sisters V2 shared her experience of walking with us, including a memorable walk along the Inca Trail in Peru.

Q. What do you enjoy most about walking?

What I enjoy most about walking is exploring new places and routes. Unexpectedly, I have been able to do this during this Step Count Challenge and lockdown. Since moving from rural, scenic Argyll to live in the Southside of Glasgow 15 years ago, I have continued to work for the health service in Argyll and Bute. This arrangement has meant that I haven’t become fully familiar with the area close to my home. During lockdown, I have been working from home and haven’t left the area. I must now have walked every nearby street and visited every park (we are blessed with many) and all on foot. 

Walking has become an essential routine, particularly in the early stages of lockdown.  When something is rationed, the experience is enhanced. We have been fortunate to have had mostly very good weather, a bonus for Glasgow. But come rain, hail, sunshine and high winds, my husband, Craig and I have been stepping out, savouring the fresh air and checking out the neighbourhood. Taking part in the Step Count Challenge has provided an extra boost. 

Being part of Step Sisters V2 team has definitely added to the overall enjoyment, a great group of colleagues living across Argyll and Bute. There’s been some great banter along the way on our WhatsApp group, and even some random acts of kindness.  They are all stars but a special mention has to go to our team mascot, a young Bichon Frise called Archie who, with the help of his team member owner and My Talking Pet App, has provided us with pep talks, or should I say pup talks! There’s more to Step Count Challenge besides the walking!

Q. Where do you like to walk?

I am very fortunate to live in Pollokshields, one of the original garden suburbs, a leafy conservation area developed in Victorian times. Street walking is very interesting with some stunning architecture in the area. During lockdown, residents have taken the opportunity to spruce up their gardens and it has been a real pleasure to wander the avenues and admire the blooms of Spring. In addition the local parks are just beautiful at this time of year.

Maxwell Park, our nearest, is compact but has everything that makes a park and where we have enjoyed watching the Mallard ducklings gaining more confidence. Our favourite park is probably Pollok Country Park and the woodland walks with the wide variety of trees, shrubs, flowers and birds as well as the herd of Highland cattle and a few roaming deer.

Q. Tell us about your most memorable walk. What made it special?

I have always enjoyed walking and exploring new places and have a passion for travel and visiting new countries. A passion shared by Craig. A beach holiday is not for us. When we go to places we cover every square inch. Whilst I have enjoyed getting to know my local area in this Step Count Challenge, in particular the parks, my most memorable walk ever was the Inca Trail in Peru. Trekking and camping at altitude in the Andes over several days and arriving at magical Machu Picchu is an experience never to be forgotten.