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Meet the walkers: Amanda

Last week, we asked you to share your walking stories with us. Amanda, from team Rambling on, told us how walking helps her recharge and refresh, and how taking part in the Step Count Challenge has helped her to connect with her collleagues.

Published: 24/11/2022

Why did you decide to take part in the autumn Step Count Challenge?

I joined my workplace at the start of covid and although I see colleagues regularly on zoom, I think the step challenge can help build relationships with colleagues, plus I'm really passionate about physical activity and feel practicing what I preach is really important.

What do you enjoy the most about being active outdoors?

Being outdoors rechargers the mind and energises the body and in this weather quite literally blows the cobwebs away.  I like to start everyday with a walk, it connects you with people. My job is home based, always was, but I did expect to be out and about quite a bit and Covid-19 obviously changed that.  I am very social, I get my energy from people, and find it hard to be on my own all day everyday with just zoom connections.  Walking outdoors helps me connect, catch up with friends and meet new people (and dogs) as well as appreciating the world outside my small office at home.  It helps you get away from your own thoughts that sometimes take over and are not helpful.

Tell us about your Step Count team. What keeps your team motivated?

I think I am quite literally a pain in the backside - I'm sure they role their eyes as they see my WhatsApp message pop in with some Monday motivation, or songs for the walking playlist, or share your favourite podcast. Seriously I think some of the team would be chained to their desk they are so hard working, so I hope by doing the challenge it has made them more aware of what they do in a day and that moving more is good.

Tell us about your favourite place to connect with nature. What makes it special?

My favourite place is Yellowcraigs beach, it is so beautiful, tranquil and open. It's definitely a place I feel completely relaxed and recharged after a visit. Day-to-day I wander along the local cycle path and often take a little path in to woods, it's so peaceful and it's amazing what you see and hear - heron, deer, birds, swans, and fox. I've heard there is an otter in the lagoons too but I've yet to spot. You never really need to venture far we stay not far from town centre.

What's your top tip for keeping active during the working day?

Start the day with walk, you can nail a good chunk of steps before your day starts.  I walk my youngest to school everyday, I get quality time with him amd he's ready and wide awake for school. I also find it helpful to block out lunchtime for a short walk. If I have a call to make I walk around the house. Lastly, as a parent taxi I find I can sit and wait around a lot so I have to be creative to move. I go for a run or walk while kids swim or play football and recently I've joined a Ladies 5's near where my daughter plays football. Sometimes you have to push yourself, even me - I know I need to move but it's not always easy. Make it social - plan it so everyone knows you're doing it (then you can't hold back) and, most importantly, do something fun!