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Meet our autumn Step Count Champion

The winner of this year's autumn Step Count Champion competition, Christine from team Walkin' up an appetite, shares why she decided to take part in the Step Count Challenge, and what walking means to her.

Published: 13/12/2021

I’m so excited and surprised to have won this competition. I am a 64 year old young at heart woman. I am a mum to 3 sons and a gran to 4 grandchildren. I have worked for Rashilee Care Home for 20 plus years, in several positions. I have always loved to be fit, and between the ages of 14 and 20 I completed the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme .

The reason I joined my team was to improve my health and fitness, as I live with a medical condition which now prevents me from doing all the things I used to. With the support of my team, having a whatsapp group and encouraging each other I increased my walking and I also joined a combat exercise class.

I love to get lost in my own thoughts when out in the fresh air, just walking locally around various paths in my area. This is my own personal time, which is good for my mental and physical health. I also meet so many other fellow walkers too, and dog walkers. Two days a week I walk my son's cockapoo Nacho, which means I'm getting out more. I made the decision to take part in the challenge when my boss Kirsty put it out there, I felt this was the right time, particularly after having to isolate myself due to covid. Best decision I made.

I’d love to walk with Mother Theresa to speak with her about her thoughts on world poverty and the environment, and how she'd tackle it. I don't tend to listen to music as I walk, I like the peace, but I love music and play 70’s and 80’s music in house and dance away in kitchen while cooking, doing the dishes, really no excuse to dance is needed. When out walking with my friend and Nacho, we came across a lady looking for her dog ,we offered to help and 2 hours later we found Benji! They were both so happy to find each other. So, being out walking brings adventures and surprises, and makes me happy. I will continue this journey. A huge thank you to my amazing team.