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Make the most of your autumn walks

Our top 10 tips for making the most of your walks this autumn.

Published: 25/09/2020

The days might be getting shorter and it’s definitely feeling chillier, but now is great time to wrap up, head outdoors and enjoy all that autumn has to offer.

If you are heading out for a stroll and want some advice on walking and the latest guidance on Covid-19 find out more here

Step out in style 

Dig out your favourite autumn coat and scarf. Don’t forget to accessorise! Why not treat yourself to some new gloves or hat to keep you warm and toasty this autumn? 

Enjoy the colours of autumn 

One of the best things about autumn has to be the incredible colours of our trees as the leaves turn. Unleash your inner child, kick through piles of leaves, or get snappy with your camera and take some photos of nature’s amazing autumnal display for your socials. 

Spooky walks

With Halloween approaching, go for a spooky walk. Scotland has no shortage of reportedly haunted places. Maybe not go alone though! 

Get out early 

Autumn is the season of misty mornings, get up early and enjoy seeing the mist lift and if you can get to high point, you may be lucky enough to see a cloud inversion!

Enjoy your surroundings 

Remember to take time, stop enjoy the view and take in your surroundings. Do it in style, pack a blanket, a flask of tea and maybe even a treat or two. 

Make a meal of it  

There are plenty of berries and fruit that are safe and easily identifiable that you can pick as you walk. The Woodland Trust has some helpful advice on their website

Get creative 

Make an autumnal display or artwork for your house with the things you find on your walk. Get the kids involved as well and gather colourful and interesting leaves, pinecones, acorns, conkers, etc. 

Make it social

As current Covid-19 guidelines do not allow us to meet other households at home, why not arrange to meet a friend or relative for a walk instead? If you are not sure of the guidance, have a look here

Go stargazing 

Cold, clear autumnal nights are perfect for a bit of star gazing. Find a good spot, wrap under a blanket and gaze into the night sky. See if you can spot any familiar constellations or stars. 

Treat yourself 

Don’t forget to treat yourself to some hygge after your walk. Get into some comfy clothes, snuggle up with a cuppa under a blanket and enjoy some cosy time with the family.