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Ideas and tips for your spring photos

This week we are asking Step Count Challenge teams to get outside with their cameras and capture the signs of spring. Freelance photographer Julie Howden shares some hints and tips on what to look out for on your next walk.

Published: 11/05/2021

Spring is my favourite season for walking and photography. There is a sense of release from the tight grip of winter, there is more light and longer days, nature wakes up from a long slumber, and flowers bloom with colour once again. Whether you are walking in the woods, a community path or down your local high street there is a buzz in the air and a feeling of renewal.

Photography is a good way to augment the walking experience because its purpose is to get you looking at what is around you. Whether it is a beautiful landscape, a flower, light patterns or textures there is something very therapeutic about being present in the moment and taking in your surroundings.

I try to keep a camera in my pocket every time I go out for a walk and most of the time it will be my iPhone camera because of its light weight and portability. The images I take on my walks are a visual diary of where I've been, what I observed and I enjoyed most and it brings me great pleasure to look back at what I saw at this time in previous years.

What I look out for in spring

I love the arresting pink of cherry blossoms at this time of year and especially how incongruous they can look against a grey urban environment. The display is fleeting so be sure to enjoy while you can.

Lambs are the ultimate symbol of new life and it really is a delight spotting them while out and about on my travels.

As the winter gloom retreats it often reveals glorious skies. Be sure to make a point of looking upwards.

Early morning walks can still be chilly and misty but atmospheric.

I love to spot new life springing forth whether it is ferns unfurling or cygnets learning from their mums.

Now that my head is not buried under winter hats and scarves, I find I lift my gaze more to what's around me in the urban environment. 

If I am walking in the woods I'm always anticipating the dramatic bluebell displays. This for me is the ultimate Spring spectacle which never disappoints. The violet colour is simply joyous and calling out to be photographed.

You can see more of Julie’s photos here: