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Helen Morrison on stepping out with a local Health Walk

Helen Morrison, Senior Development Officer at Paths for All, tells us about the benefits that joining a local health walk for a chat and a stroll has brought her and how you can find out more about your nearest walking group.

Published: 31/05/2022

A woman with short brown hair and glasses wearing a black jacket and a rucksack is walking along a seafront

If you found yourself benefitting from a short local walk during lockdown and vowed to keep it up but it has slipped out of your routine, then health walks may help.

19 years ago this month I attended my first health walk and I have enjoyed each and every one in between now and then. During the pandemic I enjoyed popping along to the local group and engaging in some face to face conversations whilst I was feeling a bit isolated as I worked from home.

On every walk I have ever attended whether in Ayr or Aberdeen, someone has always shared with me a physical, social or mental health benefit they have experienced from walking in a safe group in their local community.

These short walks, ideally under an hour are led by welcoming and kind trained volunteers from a variety of organisations, such as local charities or local councils. They are free and open to everyone and that includes you. 

We have welcomed over 10,000 new participants in the last year, so you probably won’t be the only new person there. Most walks happen every week from the same start point. However, much has changed in the last two years. We encourage you to check your local walk details on our online map and listings and then contact the project before turning up, so you are in the right place at the right time. Then it is a case of follow the leader, enjoy the company and surroundings, and maybe even some refreshments at the end.